Our divinely directed mission is to become disciples who make disciples. We believe this calling reaches beyond our local congregation into our regional communities and should have a worldwide impact. For this reason we are committed to the vision of "building the church". As God directs, we will invest our time, talents, and treasure in an effort to BUILD THE CHURCH.

Some of our "Build the Church" initiatives are local and support outreach and discipleship efforts within First Church. Other efforts are regional as we give to charitable organizations that serve our community and the Kingdom. We also participate in national and international projects that operate with the purpose of spreading the Gospel, reaching the lost, and/or serving those in need. 

Together, we BUILD THE CHURCH, so that we see His Kingdom come here on earth as in heaven.

This online report serves as our venue for monthly updates concerning our various "Build the Church" projects.


    We have partnered with Missionary to Portugal, Rev. Trecina Anderson, to sponsor church planting efforts in the city of Braga. Financial contributions made to this "Build the Church" endeavor will go to support the establishment of a local church with a local pastor in Braga, Portugal. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: $13,134.00


    Primarily as a result of the COVID-19 illness and the ensuing restrictions and lockdowns, our neighbors in the nation of Colombia underwent significant food shortages. In a effort to assist our brothers and sisters in need, we donated financially and were able to send vital necessities to churches in Colombia. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: $16,064.00


    Several years ago First Church was presented with the opportunity to partner with HOME International and in doing so assist in the building of an orphanage for children in the nation of Guatemala. Following our initial efforts, we then funded and our men traveled Guatemala to to build the "DeRidder House", a home that houses ten children. As living and childcare expenses do not subside, we have continued to give to the functioning of the DeRidder House and to the wellbeing of the children who call this orphanage home. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: $10,162.00

  • waspam, nicaragua house

    When we discovered that a local pastor in Waspam, Nicaragua was living in less-than ideal conditions, we felt it incumbent that we offer assistance. For a fraction of what it would cost in the United States, we were able to fund the building of a new, safe, home with the conveniences of running water and indoor plumbing. This pastor and his family selflessly serve the Kingdom, and it is our privilege to be able to support his ministry by providing them a sustainable home. 

    An update on the project from Missionary Jayson Long reads, "Construction has begun. We had to find a new foreman which took a few weeks. He is a member of one of our churches and is local to the Waspam area. The project is expected to take about two months." Please take a moment to check out the progress pictures below. 

    This pastor is one of many whose standard of living can be improved through our giving. We continue to pursue projects that support our churches and ministers in this manner. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: $14,702.00

  • Venezuela Relief

    Since 2011 the nation of Venezuela has undergone significant economic turmoil. The crisis has only worsened within the last few years because of government unrest and COVID-19, leaving 94% of the population in severe poverty. There is limited security. Food is sparse. Healthcare is unavailable. However, there is a Church, and the Light shines brightest in darkness. We have partnered with Davis Family Ministries, John and Berenice Burnett, and local Venezuelan churches to offer relief and assistance by sending food and medical supplies to those in need.

    Through these efforts, to date, six free clinics have been opened to serve the people of Venezuela. The establishment of a seventh clinic is currently in the planning stages. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: $13,136.00

  • Local & regional efforts

    We are committed to serving our local community. In an effort to support ministries throughout our area, we have partnered with existing charitable organizations such as the DeRidder Pregnancy Center, God's Food Box, and Kingdom Center. 

    We also recognize the need for seasonal assistance and are committed to offering help to our friends and neighbors who endure traumatic events, like the recent Hurricane Ida. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with local business, Nothing Fancy, in providing assistance to our neighbors in SELA. Though our efforts are not yet compete, we delivered 550 meals and several loads of supplies to the Lighthouse Ranch for Boys and The River Church in Terrebonne Parish. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: 

    DeRidder Pregnancy Center: $135.00

    God's Food Box: $585.00

    Kingdom Center: $1,000.00

    Hurricane Ida Relief: $7,615.00

    Lighthouse Ranch: $500.00

    Tupelo Children's Mansion: $500.00


    We are passionate about supporting those who spread the Gospel throughout North America and across our world. We desire to see the whole Truth preached to the whole world, so we have partnered in missions with over 200 foreign and home missionaries. We will continue to support these heroes of the faith through financial contributions and prayer. 

    Communique from several of our sponsored missionaries are in the links below. 

    Contributions from May 20, 2021 - November 20, 2021: 

    Foreign Missions: $23,298.13

    North American Missions: $2,465.00


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